December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021
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Anti Ordinary

Rob Joseph and Brodie Robinson are from South East Queensland, they are the Co-founders of Anti Ordinary, an innovative company leading the race in action sports brain protection.

As an action sports enthusiast, Rob practically grew up in a helmet, understanding the importance of protecting his most valuable asset – his brain. However, while on his first ski trip, he noticed hordes of helmet-free people prioritising their comfort and experience, over safety on the slopes… and so began his journey of innovation.

Over the past four years, Anti Ordinary CEO Rob Joseph, CTO Brodie Robinson and CMO Liam Norris have put their heads together to design and develop a new generation of brain protection. Their patented A1 product is the world’s first brain protection device that fits, feels and looks like a beanie, while also significantly exceeding all international helmet safety standards.