November 30, 2021
December 1, 2021
Zero waste Personal care


Baresop is a modern day zero waste personal care startup that keeps your body clean – and your conscience too.

Baresop products are Australian made with plant-derived ingredients, are vegan, palm oil and cruelty-free, and all packaging is made from recycled waste that’s either recyclable or home compostable. plus, the fact that we use a concentrate concept means that we help our consumers and corporate partners cut a huge percentage of carbon emission from making, transporting and storing our products.

Asking the question, do these products necessarily need to come in liquid form? Prisca spent almost a year in search of an answer and was surprised to discover that water content in body care products make it necessary for them to be packaged in single use packaging.

Prisca then went on a two-year journey to find a way to cut out the water and innovate a waterless solution that’s kinder on the skin and our planet. The result is a plant-based hand and body powder concentrate delivered in a certified home compostable sachet.

More soap with less plastic