December 1, 2021
December 1, 2021
Jeans that fit

Hera Demin

When the Founder of Hera Denim was little she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She have always been fascinated by fashion as both a form of art and a means of personal expression, and so after studying fashion at university, she moved into the bridal industry, where I was surrounded by intricacy, workmanship and beauty.

After years of working with brides, she began to notice many were self-conscious about their bodies. It was common for women to fall between sizes, yet the process of having clothes altered to fit an individual body seemed to have a stigma attached, as if it meant there was something wrong.

Hera Denim responds to a need for a different kind of sizing. We heard the complaints of women who felt their body shapes had been ignored. They told us of waist gaps, narrow thighs, and restrictive hips... so we decided to do something about it.