Mr. Yum
November 29, 2021
December 1, 2021
Making dream weddings come true


Nudo is revolutionising the wedding industry by transforming vacant inner-city warehouses into amazing venues and selling all-inclusive pre-packaged weddings and wedding planning software solutions.

Supported through their partnership with Pitch VC and MVP, Nudo made $2.1M in gross sales in the first 35 weeks of trading. MVP created the technology that forms the digital backbone of Nudo's business processes. Our digital architecture alleviated Nudo's pain points and provided solutions which catered for Nudo's projected growth.

We created a custom no-code platform which allows couples to be guided through their wedding planning journey from task management, budgeting, guest lists and menus which was entirely integrated with a custom built CRM system. This streamlined Nudo's day to day operations and allowed founders Paul and Will to focus on growing their business to what it is today.

Making Dream Weddings a Reality