December 1, 2021
Anti Ordinary
December 1, 2021
Make your academic, personal & professional student support programs more impactful, flexible & manageable.


Our story begins with a student – one that fell through the cracks of our university’s student support services. We watched as our peer and friend struggled, failed and eventually dropped out. We created Vygo so that no student would ever be left behind again. Our conviction is that every student deserves access to Champions, our mission is to "Champion all learners".

The sharing economy was starting to have huge traction with young people, and we got inspired. We wanted to create something that students loved and wanted to use. Something as intuitive and innovative as Facebook or Airbnb.

Vygo isn’t just a peer mentoring app anymore. We host all sorts of peer and student support initiatives for universities and higher education institutions - from counsellors, to faculty specific alumni mentoring, to class specific peer tutoring. We’ve become experts in student engagement and transformational student experiences.